Asphalt Services

Asphalt Paving - Offering new construction asphalt paving, mill and overlays, and paveflex overlays.

Asphalt Repairs - Full depth repairs including saw cut and removal to a depth of 4-8 inches. Utilizing the latest technology in infrared repair, which saves time and money.

Sealcoating - Providing a variety of sealcoating materials including asphalt and coal tar emulsions. We can offer standard coating applications and premium applications based on the your needs and requirements.

Crackfilling - Cracks are cleaned with hot compressed air and filled with hot applied crack material.

Pavement Markings and Sign Installation - Barnes Asphalt Maintenance offers any type of new layout end re-striping for all of your parking lot needs including sign, bollard, and parking block installation.

Tenniscourt Repair - We can make your old court look new. With state of the art resurfacing techniques there is no need to replace that old worn out court.