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Matthews North Carolina Paving Commercial Paving: A Kiddie Academy and Burn Boot Camp

Barnes Asphalt Maintenance Inc., with over 25 years of dedicated service, continues to make a mark in the asphalt industry by undertaking transformative projects. Our recent venture in Matthews, North Carolina, saw us revitalizing the commercial spaces of Kiddie Academy and Burn Boot Camp through a meticulous commercial paving resurfacing initiative. In this blog post, we delve into the intricate details of the project, from the challenges faced to the remarkable results achieved.

Project Overview:

Matthews, NC, a community known for its vibrant atmosphere, provided the backdrop for our latest project. Recognizing the significance of creating safe and inviting environments for children and fitness enthusiasts, we set out on a comprehensive commercial paving resurfacing endeavor for Kiddie Academy and Burn Boot Camp. This project aimed not only to address existing issues but also to elevate the aesthetics and functionality of these essential establishments.

Challenges and Solutions:

Every project presents its unique set of challenges, and this one was no exception. The existing surfaces showed signs of wear and tear, including cracks, potholes, and faded markings. Our team at Barnes Asphalt approached the challenges systematically, employing our wealth of experience to devise effective solutions.

1. Surface Preparation:

  • Thorough cleaning and debris removal to create an optimal foundation for the resurfacing process.
  • Detailed repair work on existing cracks and potholes to ensure a seamless and even surface.

2. Asphalt Resurfacing:

  • Application of high-quality asphalt to create a fresh, durable surface capable of withstanding heavy foot and vehicle traffic.
  • Implementation of advanced resurfacing techniques for enhanced longevity and resilience.

3. Line Striping and Markings:

  • Precision in re-marking parking spaces, crosswalks, and walkways to improve safety and functionality.
  • Utilization of vibrant, durable markings to enhance visibility and overall aesthetics.

Results and Impact:

Upon completion, the commercial paving resurfacing project at Kiddie Academy and Burn Boot Camp yielded transformative results. The worn-out surfaces were replaced with durable, visually appealing asphalt, contributing to a positive experience for parents, children, and gym-goers alike.

1. Enhanced Safety:

  • The smooth, crack-free surfaces reduce tripping hazards and contribute to an overall safer environment for both children and fitness enthusiasts.

2. Aesthetic Appeal:

  • The application of fresh asphalt and vibrant markings significantly improved the visual appeal of both establishments, creating an inviting and professional ambiance.

3. Durability and Longevity:

  • The use of high-quality materials ensures the longevity of the resurfaced surfaces, minimizing the need for frequent maintenance and contributing to cost-effectiveness in the long run.


The successful completion of the commercial paving resurfacing project at Kiddie Academy and Burn Boot Camp exemplifies Barnes Asphalt Maintenance Inc.’s unwavering commitment to excellence. Combining our family business values with industry expertise, we have left a lasting mark on these spaces, transforming them into safer, more visually appealing environments. As we continue to contribute to the communities we serve, we take pride in our legacy of quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. For all your commercial paving needs, trust Barnes Asphalt Maintenance Inc. to deliver exceptional results, ensuring a lasting impact on the communities we proudly serve.

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