// 4 Common Asphalt Paving Services in Matthews, NC

Asphalt paving is an essential aspect of maintaining parking lots and driveways in Matthews, NC. Properly laid and maintained asphalt surfaces ensure safety and durability for years to come. Here are four common asphalt paving services you can avail in Matthews:

  1. New Asphalt Installation: When you require a fresh asphalt surface, whether for your home’s driveway or a commercial parking lot, trust our expertise. We excel at laying smooth, long lasting asphalt surfaces, designed to endure heavy traffic and various weather conditions.
  2. Asphalt Repairs: Over time, asphalt surfaces may develop cracks, potholes, and other damages. Our prompt repair services address these issues, preventing further deterioration and potential accidents, ensuring a safe and functional surface.
  3. Asphalt Sealcoating: We offer protective sealcoating services to safeguard your asphalt surfaces from UV rays, water damage, and chemicals. This coating extends the life of your pavement, enhances its appearance, and ensures its durability.
  4. Asphalt Resurfacing: For severely damaged or worn-out asphalt surfaces, our cost-effective resurfacing solutions come to the rescue. We apply a new layer of asphalt over the existing surface, restoring its smoothness and functionality without a complete replacement.

Proper maintenance of your asphalt surfaces is essential to ensure their longevity and safety. Whether you need new asphalt installation, repairs, sealcoating, or resurfacing, We offer reliable and high-quality services in Matthews, NC. Trust our expertise and experience to give your asphalt surfaces the care they deserve.

Take the first step toward securing your asphalt surfaces today! Contact Barnes Asphalt for all your asphalt paving needs in Matthews, NC. Our team of professionals is ready to assist you in achieving durable and long-lasting asphalt surfaces. Don’t wait; ensure your surfaces’ safety and longevity with our high quality services.

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