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7 Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Parking Lot

Your business’s parking lot serves two main purposes. First, there’s the obvious use as an essential place for your customers and visitors to park, shipping trucks to safely maneuver in, etc. However, it’s also the first thing customers experience, and it’s akin to “curb appeal” in residential homes. It’s what makes the first impression and sets the tone for what customers should expect.

If your parking lot isn’t kept in tip-top shape, it can become a hazard, a costly expense to fix, and even a detriment to your business because it looks unprofessional.

Since this is such a crucial and misunderstood part of the business world, we have 7 tips to help with maintaining a commercial parking lot and avoiding those issues.

Let’s get started.


1: Cleanliness is Key

First and foremost, cleanliness is essential, and this is another two-part reason.

Keeping your parking lot clean is the first step to making it look professional. Customers or B2B connections pulling into a parking lot with dirt and oil everywhere, trash, and other glaring issues are going to immediately think that’s how you operate your business. In contrast, when they arrive and the parking lot is well-managed and clean, that creates a positive impression before they even enter your business.

This is a lot like the last time you did a run of interviews. Think of the applicants who arrived without much effort put into looking professional, and those who groomed, wore an appropriate outfit, and handled their initial impression well. You probably hired someone from the latter group. Customers look at your parking lot the same way.

However, it also has a functional impact. Messy parking lots can produce hazards for customers. Things like runaway carts can hit cars, trash can cause people to slip, etc. Excessive buildup of leaking car fluids, dirt, grime, and other issues can also cause premature damage to the asphalt.

This requires minimal effort to maintain. A broom, power washer, and about an hour of manpower, and you can keep your parking lot looking brand-new.


2: Seal the Parking Lot

You’ll have a much easier time maintaining your parking lot and avoiding costly repairs if you have it properly sealed. Sealant prevents things such as oil leaks, excessive rain, and other problems from seeping into the concrete and getting underneath it, causing cracks, etc. It even helps protect the parking lot from UV rays that degrade the asphalt a lot faster when it is unprotected.

This should be done every 3 years. The seal coating will wear off, develop unprotected spots, etc. in that amount of time, and you have to keep it fully sealed to prevent issues.


3: Invest in Drainage Systems

The worst enemy of a commercial parking lot is excessive liquid. This mostly comes from rain and snow, but in general, liquid and asphalt don’t mix. If left to sit, it will work its way into cracks, swell the ground, shift the ground layer around, and generally cause your parking lot to fall apart in a short amount of time.

The way to avoid this is by having high-quality catch basins and drainage systems installed. These divert most of the water in a more methodical way to keep it from causing any serious damage. However, the drainage system needs to be adequate for the amount of rain and snow your business is going to get on average.


4: Invest in Proper Lighting

Investing in proper lighting for your parking lot is another two-fold tip. Properly lighting your parking lot provides a safe and professional environment for your nighttime customers, but it also helps prevent serious problems such as cars hitting infrastructural items in your parking lot, making potholes worse by driving right into them, etc.


5: Restripe Your Commercial Parking Lot

Striping your parking lot is standard practice, and it’s what maintains order. Everyone knows where to drive, where to stop for pedestrians, and where to park efficiently, and overall, it’s how you make your parking lot a smooth and safe place for your customers.

Unfortunately, the paint stripes and markers wear off relatively quickly. Beyond 2 years, the lines fade or disappear, and that orderly space you created slowly turns into a mess. Plus, it doesn’t look professional because it’s obviously not taken care of.

Every 2 years have your parking lot restriped, and that’s not a problem.


best tips for parking lot maintenance


6: Get the Parking Lot Inspected

Professional inspections are crucial. You can tell a parking lot needs work when you start seeing noticeable cracks and potholes, but the truth is, it’s already too late at that point. Unseen damage is likely affecting the entire parking lot before you notice those signs.

However, having a professional service do an annual inspection can catch damage and essential needs well before that point. This saves you money in the long run, too. You can catch problems such as cracks early and have them repaired, including crack filling, while the costs are minimal. If you wait, you end up paying a lot more to fix bigger issues.


7: Build a Lasting Relationship with a Top-Quality Service

If you follow all the tips we’ve listed so far, you won’t need to hire a professional service frequently, but you’ll still need one you can trust to do the job right. Whether that job is a basic inspection or a full-blown parking lot replacement.

The best way to do this is to find a high-quality service in your area that you can trust, and then build a lasting relationship with them. When you need an annual inspection, restriping services, repairs, or anything else, you have one partner you can trust, and you immediately know who to call.


Who to Call for Commercial Parking Lot Services?

When it comes to maintaining your commercial parking lot, trust is paramount. In Charlotte, North Carolina, that’s where Barnes Asphalt shines. 

With three decades of expertise, we’ve been the go-to choice for businesses in the area, providing top-notch asphalt services in North Carolina. Our commitment to quality ensures that your parking lot remains in prime condition. Whether it’s routine maintenance or specialized repairs, Barnes Asphalt has you covered. 

Rely on our experienced team to deliver exceptional results every time. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive range of services and discover why Barnes Asphalt is the trusted name in asphalt maintenance and repair.

The Benefits of Sealcoating VS Asphalt Patching: What You Need to Know

Asphalt isn’t something you can put down and then simply ignore. It has to be maintained, and it actually needs work done fairly frequently. Whether you’re a commercial parking lot owner or a residential homeowner with an asphalt driveway, you’ll be getting your asphalt fixed up at least once every 2 years unless you’re neglecting it.

However, there are two ways to fix up asphalt. There’s asphalt patching, and there’s seal coating the asphalt.

Today, we’re going to go over sealcoating and asphalt patching methods and compare the benefits.

What is Sealcoating?

Sealcoating involves spreading a chemical sealant over the top of the asphalt. The sealant is kind of like paint on a door. It prevents the elements from damaging the core material beneath that protective layer.

This is a relatively quick fix, and it provides numerous benefits we’ll be talking about shortly.

What is Asphalt Patching?

Asphalt patching involves repairing the asphalt itself in small areas. If an area in a driveway or parking lot starts to sink or crack, new asphalt can be professionally applied in a way that patches everything up and prevents further damage from occurring.

This can only be done so many times before you need to lay down new asphalt, but it does stretch the life of your asphalt surface considerably.

Benefits of Sealcoating:

Sealcoating and asphalt patching are two completely different approaches to asphalt maintenance. Here are the ways that seal-coating asphalt surfaces can help.

1: Protection from Water Damage

Water is one of the biggest problems asphalt faces. If there are any cracks present, water seeps in and makes those cracks bigger. It can either wash away more asphalt, or it can get into the ground layer below and cause a ground shift that splits the crack more. Eventually, potholes, large cracks, and other noticeable problems occur.

However, seal coating prevents that. It’s waterproof, and as long as the seal is in place, there’s no way for water to get in.

2: Chemical Protection

Cars constantly leak oil and other harsh chemicals onto asphalt. Especially commercial parking lots where thousands of cars travel on the asphalt every day. That breaks down the asphalt quickly, and it can end up being a very costly problem.

Sealing your asphalt prevents that as long as the seal is intact.

3: UV Light Protection

Finally, sealcoating asphalt protects it from UV rays. These rays cause it to break down a lot faster than it should, and you can’t really avoid them since they’re in sunlight.

What Sealcoating is Best for?

While sealcoating asphalt is absolutely essential, it does have some drawbacks. Namely, it doesn’t fix any existing problems. If there are cracks, simply seal coating the asphalt will just provide a protective layer from further damage. That’s if the sealant is applied properly and seals up the cracks. However, the underlying damage will still be there, and the asphalt will be weaker.

This is why it’s important to get your asphalt sealed as soon as it’s installed and then keep up with its resealing requirements every 2 years.

Benefits of Asphalt Patching

Asphalt patching resolves different problems than seal coating. Whereas seal coating is a preventative measure, asphalt patching is a direct solution to damage.

Here are some of the things asphalt patching can fix.

1: Isolated Cracks

If there are isolated spots that have been damaged and cracked, asphalt patching can be used to fill in those cracks and prevent them from getting bigger.

Unlike simply seal coating over cracks, actually adding more asphalt helps bond the asphalt back together and makes it more resistant to damage.

2: Minor Potholes

Potholes tend to form from water seeping in through cracks or working its way under the asphalt from surrounding exposed ground.

That water starts to either erode the ground beneath the asphalt over time or shift it entirely. Either way, the asphalt no longer supports itself, and it creates a divot in the asphalt that can damage cars, trip customers, etc.

This is what asphalt patching is mostly used for. The asphalt divot is filled in with fresh asphalt and smoothed to make a seamless patch, and since the ground beneath it is settled again, the patch holds.

What is Asphalt Patching Good for?

Asphalt patching is best used for relatively isolated bits of damage. It’s not an optimal solution when the asphalt has been allowed to fall into such disrepair that you’d be “patching” a huge portion of it.

It also doesn’t do as much to prevent further damage. If there’s a drainage issue, a lack of seal coating, or anything like that, the same thing that caused the issue will cause it to happen again in time.

Also, patching isn’t something you can do indefinitely. Eventually, you’ll have to get your parking lot or driveway remade. This is usually required every 15 to 30 years because the asphalt simply gets too old and in too much disrepair to warrant lesser repairs.

Is Sealcoating or Asphalt Patching Better?

Sealcoating and asphalt patching aren’t really at odds. They’re two solutions that complement each other.

First, if there is any noticeable damage to the asphalt, asphalt patching can help you bring your driveway or parking lot back up to par and stop the problem. Then, if you seal the asphalt, you get a protective layer that will keep that problem from returning a couple of years down the line. When you use both of these methods to repair your asphalt, you get a more reliable result that stands a better chance of lasting the entirety of the asphalt’s expected lifespan.

Get Professional Sealcoating and Patching Asphalt Services 

One thing both these solutions have in common is that they need to be implemented by trained professionals. If not done properly, they simply won’t do their jobs as intended.

You need an asphalt maintenance and repair service you can trust to get the job done right the first time, and Barnes Asphalt is here to help.

Barnes Asphalt is the premier choice for asphalt maintenance and repair services in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas. With over 30 years of experience, we have established ourselves as industry leaders in providing high-quality sealcoating, parking lot striping, asphalt paving, asphalt milling, and other asphalt solutions. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to delivering exceptional results, ensuring that your asphalt surfaces remain in top condition for years to come. Whether you need routine maintenance or extensive repairs, you can rely on Barnes Asphalt to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive range of services and how we can help you maintain your asphalt surfaces.

Sealcoating Season is Here! Reasons Why You Should Sealcoat Your Property Today!

Sealcoating Season is Here: Why You Should Sealcoat Your Property in Charlotte, NC

As spring arrives in Charlotte, North Carolina, it heralds the beginning of sealcoat season—an opportune time to protect and enhance your property’s asphalt surfaces. At Barnes Asphalt, we’re gearing up for another busy season of sealcoating, and we’re excited to share why this preventive maintenance practice is crucial for property owners.

Preserve Your Investment

Sealcoating is like applying sunscreen to your asphalt—it acts as a protective layer that shields against the harsh elements. Charlotte’s climate, with its mix of sun, rain, and fluctuating temperatures, can take a toll on asphalt surfaces over time. Sealcoating helps to prevent oxidation, water penetration, and damage from UV rays, extending the lifespan of your pavement and reducing the frequency of repairs.

Enhance Curb Appeal

A freshly sealcoated surface not only looks better but also adds curb appeal to your property. The deep, jet-black finish gives a clean and well-maintained appearance, making a positive impression on visitors, tenants, and customers. Whether it’s a commercial parking lot or a residential driveway, sealcoating instantly revitalizes the look of your property.

Protect Against Chemicals and Oil

Asphalt is susceptible to damage from automotive fluids, such as oil and gasoline. Sealcoating creates a barrier that resists these chemicals, preventing them from seeping into the pavement and causing deterioration. This protection is especially important for parking lots, where vehicles regularly come and go.

Save on Repair Costs

Investing in regular sealcoating is a cost-effective way to prevent larger and more expensive repairs down the road. By proactively maintaining your asphalt surfaces, you can avoid the need for premature resurfacing or extensive repairs due to cracking, potholes, or water damage.

Minimize Disruptions

Sealcoating is a relatively quick process that can be completed in a day or two, depending on the size of the area. Compared to more invasive repairs, sealcoating causes minimal disruption to your daily activities. This makes it a convenient choice for property owners looking to protect their investment without major downtime.

Environmental Benefits

Sealcoating not only protects your pavement but also contributes to environmental sustainability. By extending the life of your asphalt surfaces, you reduce the need for frequent repaving, which in turn conserves natural resources and minimizes waste. Additionally, sealcoating reduces the urban heat island effect by maintaining a cooler surface temperature.

Choose Barnes Asphalt for Sealcoating in Charlotte, NC

As the sealcoat season kicks off, now is the perfect time to schedule this essential maintenance for your property in Charlotte, NC. At Barnes Asphalt, we offer professional sealcoating services tailored to your needs. Our experienced team uses high-quality sealants and proven techniques to deliver superior results.

Don’t wait until pavement problems arise—contact Barnes Asphalt today to schedule your sealcoating appointment and safeguard your property for the seasons ahead. Enhance durability, boost aesthetics, and protect your investment with our trusted sealcoating services in Charlotte, NC.

Sealcoat season is here—let Barnes Asphalt help you protect and preserve your property with our expert sealcoating services. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your sealcoating appointment.


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