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Need Asphalt paving Pineville? Barnes Asphalt is the asphalt contractor to call. For 29 years, we’ve provided professional paving services such as asphalt paving, driveway installation, parking lot striping, sealcoating, pothole repair, milling, and more in North Carolina. As a company, every day, we aim to deliver our very best and most reliable work to the community, prioritize the customers’ interests, self-perform all services, never subcontract to other companies, and provide full-service asphalt services.

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We care about our customers and are wiling to do anything to take the stress of asphalt off your shoulders. We have dedicated support that have years of experience and can help you decide what would be best for your situation and your wallet.

  • Providing the best product creates the most value for our customers, so we always attempt to exceed expectations, tackle any challenges, and provide our best work, no matter the size of the paving project.
  • Our company is a full-service asphalt provider, able to handle any asphalt-related issues and situations with minimal service interruption.
  • Our services are self-performed and never subcontracted, as we are a large enough company able to handle all of our products and projects, ensuring that our service and quality are never impacted.

About Pineville NC

Formerly known as a mule trading center during the Charlotte ‘gold rush,’ Pineville, NC, is a suburban town in south-central North Carolina. It was initially incorporated as a town in 1873, though the name of it can be traced back to 1852 when the local railroad desired a more modern name. Pineville’s convenient location, just south of Charlotte, provides easy access to the city’s amenities, cultural events, and employment opportunities, while still offering the benefits of a smaller community. The town continues to grow and develop, attracting new residents and businesses to the area.

The area is famous for being the hometown of President James K Polk. Thus, there is a historic site devoted solely to him. Pineville provides a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere for socializing and enjoying leisure activities. The town features a variety of restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues where residents and visitors can gather. There is a hockey arena that is popular with the locals that features all sorts of ice sports. The Carolina Place Mall, known as the Mercedes-Benz of malls, offers a premier shopping experience. Pineville is also known for its craft beer scene, with several breweries and taprooms that cater to beer enthusiasts.

Driveway Paving in Pineville

Maintaining a safe and functional asphalt driveway is crucial for NC homeowners. In Pineville, a family reached out to us seeking help with their aged and deteriorating driveway. The 20-year-old asphalt surface had seen better days and was no longer safe for their children’s outdoor activities.

The problem was clear: a severely damaged driveway posed a hazard for the family, especially their kids who loved to ride bikes and skateboard. Since the pavement was beyond repair we tore out the old, crumbling surface and addressed the underlying issues by repairing the base layer. This step ensures proper water flow and helps postpone premature asphalt cracking and pavement failure. Once the new base layer was leveled, our team paved the new asphalt driveway.

The result turned out great. The client was thrilled, mentioning, “Thanks for getting it done so quickly! We love it!” Their new driveway not only enhanced the curb appeal of their property but also offered a safer environment for their children to play.

This project in Pineville highlights the importance of regular driveway maintenance and replacement when needed. It’s a reminder that even seemingly small home improvements can greatly impact safety and functionality. If you find yourself facing a similar situation, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team is here to help!

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