// Milling and Paving in Salisbury, NC

In Salisbury, NC, a local industrial building faced a challenge with its aging parking lot. The asphalt, over 20 years old, had developed significant cracks and wear, impacting safety and appearance. That’s where Barnes Asphalt stepped in.

The client found Barnes Asphalt online and our team acted swiftly. After a thorough inspection we created a plan to mill and pave the industrial parking lot. Our skilled crew of asphalt contractors removed the old asphalt with precision milling, which created a clean slate for the new pavement layer.

The new asphalt pavement was meticulously applied to ensure a durable, smooth surface capable of withstanding heavy use and time. Our team also completed line striping to enhance the parking lot’s functionality, optimizing traffic flow and space.

The outcome impressed the client, who left a positive comment: “Very impressed. You guys were great. Thanks!”

Barnes Asphalt’s expertise in milling, paving, and line striping demonstrates how pavement maintenance can revitalize asphalt surfaces, offering improved functionality and aesthetics for years to come.

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