// Pavement Maintenance in Harrisburg

Maintaining the longevity of asphalt surfaces requires diligent upkeep. A recent project in Harrisburg showcased the significance of routine pavement maintenance. Having previously installed the parking lot, our team at Barnes Asphalt was called upon to address specific concerns needing to be addressed.

This recent parking lot maintenance project was of a local office complex parking lot. The pavement surface was showing minor cracks, surface stains, and fading. The client, having been acquainted with our quality work from years prior, approached us for a solution.

To address these issues, we adopted a three-pronged approach. First, crack sealing was executed to prevent the cracks from worsening. Second, a fresh sealcoating layer was applied to restore the surface’s protective shield. Lastly, parking lot striping was redone, not just for aesthetics, but also to enhance safety and traffic flow.

The result? The client’s was very positive. Their feedback was:  “Excellent, prompt service.”  This project in Harrisburg shows the importance of timely intervention in preserving asphalt surfaces. Regular maintenance not only extends the life of pavements but also upholds their functionality and aesthetics.

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