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parking lot paving services in north carolinaThe state of your parking lot paving can speak volumes about your business to potential customers. A well-maintained, smooth parking lot paving surface conveys an impression of professionalism. In contrast, broken pavement and faded lines in your parking lot paving create a vastly different appearance. Since the parking lot serves as the first point of contact for arriving customers, it acts as the face of your business. Therefore, ensuring your parking lot paving is appropriately installed can establish your business’s polished and professional appearance.

How to Get the Best Parking Lot Paving in North Carolina? Barnes Asphalt

Our expert team will ensure that your commercial asphalt is installed with precision and quality and maintained to the highest standards. Our team has over 25+ years of experience with pavement installation, pavement maintenance, and parking lot repair so you can trust our work.

Best Practices For a Parking Lot Paving Project

At Barnes Asphalt, we only follow industry best practices in all commercial paving projects so that your property remains safe and inviting to potential customers. We start with quality pavement installation with proper grading, drainage, and finishing services to create a stable, durable asphalt base for your parking lot.

  • Efficient Parking Lot Design

    To optimize space, minimize wasted areas, and maximize efficiency, clear out wasted spaces like corners and edges, and consider designating areas for compact cars or motorcycles. Changing the angle of spaces can also improve efficiency, but consider the size and use of your lot.

  • ADA Compliance

    Complying with ADA standards for parking lots has benefits such as avoiding fines and litigation and creating a safe environment for people with disabilities. These requirements include a certain number of accessible spaces, access aisles for these spaces on the passenger side, and signage and pavement markings with the international access symbol.

  • Commercial Pavement Repair & Maintenance

    Consistent asphalt maintenance is essential to maintain a parking lot in top condition, even for the most durable asphalt pavement systems. Crack filling is a cost-effective repair that makes a big difference. Preventative measures like sealcoating must be taken to avoid potholes and cracks since standing water can collect, freeze and expand, causing further damage.


Efficient Parking Lot Design Strategies for Businesses

Creating an efficient parking lot design is a strategic approach that goes beyond providing spaces for vehicles; it aims to optimize space usage, minimize wasted areas, and enhance overall functionality. Businesses can benefit significantly from thoughtful parking lot design strategies, contributing to improved customer experiences and operational efficiency.

One key strategy involves the careful assessment and utilization of available space. Clearing out wasted areas, such as corners and edges, ensures that every square foot is functional. This not only maximizes the number of available parking spaces but also enhances the overall aesthetics of the parking lot. Designating specific areas for compact cars or motorcycles further refines the layout, accommodating diverse vehicle sizes efficiently.

Adjusting the angle of parking spaces is another effective strategy. While the traditional right-angle parking is common, changing the angle can enhance efficiency. Angled parking allows for easier navigation and can significantly increase the number of parking spaces. However, it’s crucial to consider the size and use of the parking lot, ensuring that the chosen angle aligns with the specific needs of the business.

Moreover, businesses can explore innovative design options to enhance efficiency. Implementing features like diagonal parking, where vehicles are parked at a 45-degree angle, can be particularly effective in maximizing space. This design not only increases the number of parking spots but also facilitates smoother traffic flow within the parking lot.

An important consideration in parking lot design is the incorporation of green spaces and landscaping. Integrating greenery not only adds aesthetic value but also contributes to a more pleasant environment. Well-placed trees and green areas can provide shade, reducing heat absorption from the pavement and creating a more comfortable experience for both customers and employees.

With keeping all that in mind, efficient parking lot design is a multifaceted strategy that involves careful planning, space optimization, and consideration of user needs. By implementing these design strategies, businesses can create parking lots that not only meet functional requirements but also enhance the overall appeal and efficiency of their commercial properties.

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