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Catch basins are an integral part of the drainage system in parking lots and other paved areas, keeping them safe from flooding, but they can fail. You need a professional paving contractor with expertise in concrete drainage systems to keep your pavement healthy.

Barnes Asphalt is the most reputable contractor in North Carolina for high-quality drainage services like catch basin repair. We have over 25 years of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining parking lots, sidewalks, roadways, driveways, and the systems that protect them from water damage.


Concrete Drainage & Catch Basins: What NC Property Owners Need to Know

A properly installed concrete drainage system can solve a host of water problems on your property, but it’s not a job for a layman. Please contact us for professional catch basin installation to ensure your pavement stays in good condition.

Unfortunately, sewer systems are prone to deterioration over time, which can cause damage to the surrounding paved surface. The joints between metal and concrete or within the structure itself can weaken. During colder months, water can expand and contract inside the system, breaking the concrete and potentially creating a significant flooding issue. Cracks may also develop around the perimeter, which can lead to deterioration. Therefore, it’s imperative to address any damage promptly to prevent further problems and ensure the safety of the parking lot or other paved surfaces.

Whether you need a quick mortar repair to patch the asphalt around the perimeter or a complete structure rebuild, our catch basin repair services have you covered. Our team can provide customized solutions based on the extent of damage to ensure your pavement system is functioning correctly. So rest assured; we are committed to restoring your concrete and preventing potential hazards on your property.


Signs of Catch Basin Damage

Detecting early signs of catch basin damage is crucial for property owners looking to maintain the integrity of their pavement and drainage systems. By being vigilant and identifying potential issues promptly, you can prevent more extensive problems that may arise if damage goes unnoticed.


Catch Basin Cracking

One visible sign of catch basin damage is cracking. Inspect the surface around the catch basin for any visible cracks, as they can indicate structural issues that need attention. Cracks may form due to various factors such as freeze-thaw cycles, age, or heavy traffic, and addressing them promptly can prevent further deterioration.



Sinking is another indicator of potential catch basin problems. If you notice that the catch basin is sinking or appears uneven, it could signify underlying issues with the support structure or surrounding soil. Prompt action is necessary to avoid worsening conditions that may lead to water pooling or drainage inefficiencies.


Deterioration in the Basin’s Joints

Keep an eye out for any signs of deterioration in the basin’s joints, especially if it involves metal or concrete components. Over time, joints can weaken, compromising the overall integrity of the system. Regular inspections can help identify these weaknesses before they escalate into more significant concerns.


Water-Related Problems

Water-related problems during colder months may indicate catch basin damage, as freezing and thawing cycles can exacerbate existing issues. Addressing any signs of water pooling or flooding promptly is crucial to preventing more extensive damage to the pavement and surrounding areas.

By staying alert to these visible signs of catch basin damage, property owners can take proactive measures to address issues early on, ensuring the proper functioning of their drainage systems and avoiding potential hazards to their paved surfaces. Regular inspections and timely repairs can contribute to the longevity and effectiveness of concrete drainage systems.


Quality Concrete Drainage System Installation and Repair in North Carolina

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