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Ignoring parking lot damage, such as cracks and potholes, can lead to more significant and costly asphalt repairs down the line. That’s why it’s important for commercial property owners to contact a trusted local paving contractor like Barnes Asphalt for professional parking lot repair services and asphalt maintenance. Our team of experts will ensure that your parking lot is safe, functional, and looks great.

Our Cost-Effective Parking Lot Repair Methods

Getting timely repairs to asphalt damage can save commercial property owners money in the long run. For example, a small crack left unattended can expand and deepen, causing the pavement to deteriorate faster and require complete replacement. By addressing asphalt issues promptly, property owners can prolong the life of their parking lot, minimize liability risks, and avoid costly emergency repairs in the future.

  • Cracks

    Crack filling is an effective method for preventing and cleaning out cracks, reducing moisture, and weakening the pavement. Sealing cracks using rubberized asphalt is a long-term solution that requires grinding the gap wider, creating a reservoir for the sealant material, and providing flexibility during temperature changes.

  • Surface Damage

    When the top layer of asphalt gets brittle and cracked, that damage can weaken the whole structure. Surface treatments like seal coating, slurry seals, and overlays are ideal for protecting asphalt from developing future cracks, saving money, and maintaining strength and structural integrity.

  • Faded Pavement Markings

    Faded lines and markings can be a safety hazard for drivers and pedestrians, especially in busy commercial parking lots. They can cause confusion and make it difficult for drivers to navigate, increasing congestion, reducing capacity, and the risk of collisions. Therefore, it is essential to have them repainted quickly to maintain a safe and organized parking lot.

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