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Maintaining a secure parking lot is a crucial aspect of property management for commercial businesses, schools, churches, and multi-family properties. It involves fixing potholes and uneven pavement areas and ensuring that painted lines and symbols are clearly marked and precise, allowing for orderly parking. But who do you call when you realize you need line striping for your lot?

In North Carolina, Barnes Asphalt is the paving contractor local property owners trust more than others. With over 25 years in the paving business, we understand the technical process of line striping, pavement stenciling, and local and national regulations.

Barnes Asphalt’s Guide to Parking Lot Striping

To help our local property owners, our paving experts have compiled this comprehensive guide.

  • How You Can Tell if You Need New Line Striping

    It’s essential to pay attention to the need for restriping. Faded lines or traffic lanes can make it difficult for drivers to see. Illegible text on curbs or asphalt and unclear accessible parking spaces are also indicators. Periodic pavement inspection can determine if restriping is necessary. Contact a professional paving contractor to make your parking lot safe, visually appealing, and compliant with ADA requirements.

  • The Line Striping Process

    At Barnes Asphalt, we perform quality striping services while also making sure to communicate with our clients and minimize business interruptions.

    1. Assessing the condition of the pavement to determine if sealcoating or asphalt repairs are necessary.
    2. Creating a layout for spaces and traffic lanes based on size and traffic flow.
    3. Preparing the asphalt surface by cleaning and drying it. Sometimes sealcoating is performed at this stage.
    4. Using specialized equipment to apply reflective traffic paint or thermoplastic materials for the lines and markings.
    5. Allowing time for these materials to dry and cure so that they are long-lasting.
  • Barnes Asphalt is the one to call for quality line striping in North Carolina!

    Are you a commercial property owner in North Carolina? Please make sure your parking lot is safe and compliant with ADA regulations by contacting Barnes Asphalt for professional line striping services. Our team uses high-quality traffic paint and advanced techniques to deliver crisp, long-lasting lines and pavement symbols that meet all necessary regulations.

Don’t wait until you’ve got an accident on your property! Schedule your appointment today and enjoy a safe, functional parking lot for years!

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